Monday, April 23, 2007

Closer and Closer

Wow! I can't believe that it is April twenty forth and as of May thirteenth I will embark on the crazy 3500+ mile drive to Juneau, Alaska. I am both excited and overwhelmed. Excited at the fact that I am going to be in one of the most beautiful places in the world in less than a month but overwhelmed at the fact that there is still a ton of stuff to do here. I have my classes/homework/tests, end of the year evaluation meetings, banquets(one of which I get a chance to speak at), bible study readings, CHECKOUT duties for my residents. Checkout is probably the aspect of this semester that is the most overwhelming. I have to get my residents out of their rooms during finals week in a timely manner as well as take my finals and do all the paper work that my job entails, and lastly my boss has to go to every room with me and make sure that I did my job correctly. All this has to be done by some time on Saturday because the road up to AK is gonna be screaming my name that next day. Oh man. What a crazy semester. Honestly, I would have never thought that as a freshman that I would have ever been in this position ever in my life. I probably would have looked at the list of things that I have to do and passed out. But God is good and I know for a fact that he is the one thing that gets me by everyday. I couldn't do this without him. Well family and friends, I had better get some sleep. I am pretty sure that tomorrow is gonna be a busy day, as always, haha. I you would pray for that talk that I am giving at Campus Crusade for Christ's Fellowship Banquet. I get to tell them a short blip of my college years and how I would love to trust God with my last year at KSU. Its going to be pretty sweet. Thanks!

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