Thursday, July 5, 2007

The end of a season and the beginning of a new

I don't know if I will ever be able to comprehend, explain, or even realize what is happening right now here in Alaska. I have been so blessed to even have able to do work for the Lord in this beautiful land. I spent the first 6 weeks of this summer with some of the most amazing people I have ever been in contact with. The 12 staff and the 26 men that I served with during my time on this summer project have been true examples of men and women whose soul desire is to pursue the Lord with all their hearts.
I have laughed. I have cried. I have been moved. I have, first hand, experienced miracles. I have had days of strong faith and days of weak faith. I have seen what the word of God does when it is buried in my heart. I have seen a people who have diligently prayed for help and then realized that I was used as an answer to prayer. I have seen men step out in faith so many times and the Lord always is there to pick them up. I have seen the people here in Juneau step up and run hard at the Lord. I have been frustrated. I have hurt others. I have worked hard. I have seen massive walls of ice. I have been tossed around on the ocean. I received love. I have given love. I have sat in silence in awe of the Lord. I have seen the sun. I have seen the rain. I have been given a desire to reach those who I have never met. I have cut off a relationship. I have been taking steps to regrow that friendship.
I have been apart and seen so much this summer. I have also decided to stay up here until the end of the month. I will, Lord willing, find a job and put all the stuff I have learned into play. I love this place, everything about it.
I would love to ask you all for your prayers as I prolong my stay up here this summer. I hope ask that you pray that I staying here for the Lord Glory and not for myself. I pray that I might reach those here in Juneau who are hungry for the LOVE of Christ. I pray that everyday I come closer to the man that God has called me to be. That I may throw off all of the things that hinder my race towards the one who loves without bounds.
Also I want to tell my family that I love you with all my heart and I am so blessed that you are in my life, even if 98 percent of my time is spent away from you. I miss you all and pray that through all of the things the Lord does through me and places that he puts me in that your faith may be strengthened and that you may know and love the Lord so much more.

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