Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vision For Kanas State University

I have been given a vision and I need this space to write it all out and to think through it. I have been really thinking about my last year at Kansas State. I, as most of you know, am going to be an RA in Marlatt hall and this is the most exciting parts of school that I possibly think of. I am going to be the first person that about 90 guys see as they walk into a new season of their life. I have never really thought about how huge this is. I am going to be in a position to share the love of Christ from the moment the step in the door of Marlatt Hall. I wrote an entry awhile back about being a missionary everyday and I really want to do do that. I also have been given this desire to really step up this year and lead. I have been praying that the Lord would do some amazing things on my campus and He has told me that I am going to have to do a lot and empower people. I have sent out messages to others in Campus Crusade at my school and just today I sent out an email to my RA partners who are all studs for Christ and really told them that God is going to do some amazing things on campus this year.
I have been given a desire which has turned to my vision from the Lord. I want my whole floor this year to come to know the Lord. I am tired of believing in little things. I know that my God is huge and he does huge things so this is huge. I pray that the residences halls on my campus will be changed forever. That the residents coming this fall would become missional, Christ-centered laborers and start the process of being sent to other halls with the soul-purpose of seeing others coming to know the Lord and raising them up to do the same thing. I want to be DNA starter. I want to inject in every group, every club, every hall, every off campus house, every Greek house, every sport team, every department, and every person at Kansas State University. I pray that the people at Kansas State University would be broke down and realize there need for the Love of our savior.
Just as I wrote some of you a letter to join me this summer in praying for Juneau and the ministry here. I pray that you would pray for this as well. Join me with this mission of reaching Kansas State University. I know that I can't do any of it at all. It is only the Lord in me who does everything.
I love you all!

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