Friday, October 31, 2008

A Very Long Morning

So I have been sitting here at work since nine. I am waiting for a client to get here and get some things ready for testing. It is pretty boring and at the same time I am getting over the flu or a cold.

Graduate school is much different than what I thought it was going to be. I am only in one class this semester and to tell you the truth it is kind of a joke. I am also in three hours of thesis which is basically just to nail down an project for me to research on.

I feel, relative to my previous interactions in life, that am getting old. I no longer live in the residence halls and spend my time hanging out with young freshman and sophomores. I live in an apartment with two other guys aroung my age. One a fifth year senior and the other a small business owner.

Living in my apratment has been a huge change from the previous five years of my life. Now, the people I live with are the people I see everyday. I can't walk out of my room and run into some resident's room and chill out for an hour anymore. Plus, I have a job and I pay rent now, whereas before room and board were provided as an RA.

I have found that close proximity with others for an extended period of time is definitely going to bring out the worst of us all. One of my roomates and I seem to fight all the time over seemingly stupid things. Another is extremely quiet and closed, mainly I think that stress is a hardcore attribute of his attitude.

I wish that my life was like it were back when I was a freshman in college. Where I went to class and hung out with my friends. I did more effective soul searching and growing then than I do now. Why is that? Why when I get older do I not look into myself and question my heart? Hopefully I will one day break this habit.

Well my friends I bid you good morning.

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