Friday, June 8, 2007

God's unfailing awesome-ness for those who step out in faith

Have you ever just took a step out in faith and had no clue what was going to happen and even better yet didn't even know what that step of faith looked like? Our God is the most awesome God!
Last night I found myself praying for God to use me. I prayed that today would be completely his and that I would not get in the way of anything at all. That the Lord would open up Haines, Alaska for us to move in and bring Christ where he is needed. As Craig Johring put it, we were pioneering.
So the day started off pretty early. At least for me it did. I woke up at 6:40am and got ready. I met up with one of my staff partners, Craig, and we headed to the ferry terminal. While we were going there we prayed for divine appointments, because we had no clue whatsoever what God was going to do. All we knew is that we wanted to go to Haines and find contacts to get in to this Tlingit(pronounced Klink-it) village called Klukwan(cluck-wan). We knew where it was but we wanted to hopefully team up with some ministry that was already there so it wouldn't be like we were doing whatever we wanted and bypassing whatever was going on there.
Okay, back to where I left off. Ferry terminal and divine appointments. So, Craig and I get there and we are waiting in line to get tickets and there are these two guys in front of me speaking in some language I can't make out. I thought probably spanish but didn't really know. Now a little about Craig, he works full time as staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and lives in Mexico City for the year and does the Juneau Project in the summer. So, he starts busting out some of his spanish and talks to the dudes. I have no clue what about, other than I hear that he says Mexico and university. I figured he was just talking about where he lived and stuff. After the conversations the guys were like nice to meet you and walked towards the ferry boarding area. Craig and I got our tickets and started to head over to board the ferry. Then Craig got on his cell to order plane tickets for or flight back. About the time that I headed out the door one of the Mexico guys ran up to me and told me that he left his bag back at the hotel and asked if we could drive him back to get it. The boat was leaving in twenty minutes and I was worried that they wouldn't make it back to the terminal. But God rocks and he got them back with only a minute to spare. So that's how he decided to start the day!
We get on the boat and the Mexicans, there were about 15 of them, came over and flocked around Craig. The Lord really blessed Craig with this huge ability to captivate a crowd. It was really awesome to see. We soon came to find out that all the Mexicans were very wealthy and all heads of companies in Mexico City. Where does Craig live again? Mexico City! And where did one of the guys live?(I didn't tell you this before so don't worry,haha) One of the guys lives no more than two minutes away from Craigs house in Mexico City. The Lord really opened up some huge doors for the Mexico City ministry today!! But he didn't stop there. Not even close!!
When we came to the port at Haines, we were on the boat and had no way to get to town. Then some guy came up to us and he thought that Craig was a tour guide. Probably because all those people that were flocked around him. We asked him for a ride to town and he was like yeah! Jim, thats his name, and his wife, Virgina, are on a month long road trip through Alaska and just got done with Juneau. They let us off in town and we were now there, completely clueless, and wondering where to start. But we went in faith. We walked around and we new that there was a Salvation Army there and that we needed to talk to some guy named Kevin but we didn't know what to do with that or where it was. We started walking and praying. Then we walked into a store and got some directions. We went there and talked about Klukwan but there really wasn't anything he could do for us. Then we called this pastor named Gary and set up a meeting with him for one o'clock. Before that meeting we headed over to the Presbyterian church and tried to talk to the pastor there but he was busy with vacation bible school.
So we didn't know what to do or where to go till one o'clock so we went to the docks and prayed and walked around some more. Then it came time to head up to the diner because we wanted to get there before Pastor Gary (he had already ate and we hadn't.) But Craig was like lets find Jim and his wife,"we didn't share the gospel with them! We might not ever get to see them again." So we turned around and guess who we see walking down towards us. Jim and Virginia! So we ask them to lunch.We get there, order our food, and talk. Craig gets up to go to the restroom or something and I was there by myself with Jim and his wife. So we just small talked. Then Craig came back and asked Jim about his spirtual background. Jim just opened right up. Then right as Jim was getting to the meat of his story on his faith, Pastor Gary came up and introduced himself to Criag and Jim stopped talking. I was like noooo! His story put me on the edge of my seat and I was interested to hear more. But the pastor didn't have a clue what was going on and kept talking and stuff. Soon after that Jim and his wife left. That was a bummer. But then we talked to Pastor Gary and he gave us a little bit of the history of the town and the Tlingit people of the town but really didn't help us out at all.
So when Craig had left at the beginning of the meal he was talking to this lady who runs the Christian camp in Haines. She just happened to be at the diner as well. Haha awesome huh.
Also at that time Craig and I had to make a decision to fly out at five or sign up for the later flight. So we signed up for the later flight. After that we met up with Amy, Christain camp person, and talked with her at the coffee shop in town. I am not going to go into huge detail here but God is rockin' in that little camp and he has filled Amy with and aweosme passion to reach kids for Christ. Also, it just so happens that Amy had and extra vehical just newly donated to the camp that she so awesomly let us borrow to go to the village. The place we came for.
So, we head out of the town on the road towards Canada. It was a beautiful drive. Snow capped mountains and an awesome river to the left of the road. Twenty miles later we arrive to the turn off for the village of Klukwan. The village felt kinda weird. First, there were no people anywhere. I mean, there are homes there and there was cars and stuff. No kids out playing, no one walking around or anything. So we went to the Church. Nobody was there and the doors were locked. What are we gonna do now. I had no clue but I didn't want to go till we talked to someone. So we drove around and found a lady walking her dog and asked if she knew where this guy was or if he even lived in town. He did and she knew where he lived. Sweet. But he told us to go to his sister's house. So we went there and she let us in. We talked to her and she had no clue about what we could do. But then she started to tell us of her life and the town and of her faith in Christ. My heart really went out to these people. Then she gave us an idea for a work project in the town. Putting in a sprinkler system. So we have a contact in Klukwan and my action group and I are going out there next friday and gonna work with a few people of the town. God is gonna do some crazy stuff there! I know he is and I have total faith that he will. Especially after what I saw him do today! PRAY FOR THIS!!!!

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