Monday, May 28, 2007

Alaska 2

This past week has been pretty amazing. I have been blessed to get an oppertunity to lead three men this summer. Josh, Matt, and Andrew. The whole team went out to Echo Ranch this past weekend and did some work for the camp. Then on Friday night Matt, Josh, Andrew and I sat down and told each other our life stories. I just want to say that those guys are so amazing and I am excited to see God grow them this summer.
I have been hearing a lot of lies recently from satan and I have been having to pray a lot about them a lot. Also, it seems that every part of my day I should be doing something and I am not to sure that that is true. I always feel that I am not doing something and it has been hard for me to relax. I just spent the last hour journaling, reading, and praying about all these things but I would love to have your prayers on this stuff too.
Other than that, Alaska is beautiful and there is still so much snow. I am pretty sure that there probably won't be any hiking of mountains in the near future, which is pretty sad. I wanted to do some of that. And I still have to raise some more support to aquire a fishing license so I might not be doing any of that either. Welp, there you have it. Now I must go get my laundry. Later everybody!!

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